Friday, March 30, 2012

Why SEO?

“No news is bad news.” Heard that one before? The double-entendre is obvious, so I’ve recoined it: “No traffic is bad traffic!” Meaning: if you’re not getting any traffic to your site, that’s a bad thing. If you ARE getting traffic to your site (even if it’s from another country, or maybe not from your target market), it’s a good thing. So that begs the question that every website owner is asking:

“How do I get more traffic to my website?” This series of articles is intended to teach you just that.

So, let’s start by asking some of the important questions, like…

“Why do I need more traffic?”
The answer seems obvious, but it begs answering anyway. Did you know that a reported 20 crore people downloaded song "kolavari di" from the interner? 20 crore people!! and how these people reached to the exact website which were offering free song download?. Well, that’s the magic of having a website and getting traffic — to make sales of your products and services.

“What’s all the hype about? Really…”

There’s a lot of hype out there, people claiming they made Rs.100,000′s or even millions of notes. You may have listened to their seminars, read their blogs, even followed their advice… only to find that their techniques didn’t make you boat loads of money overnight. What a let down!

So, what is the hype about? It’s people trying to sell you stuff. That’s all. Their techniques may have worked for them, but they are not tailored to you and your business. Their information may be horribly outdated. Maybe it worked a decade ago, but people are still packaging that information and selling it. So, the first lesson you should commit to memory is: Don’t get caught up in the hype. Immediate solutions and successes are relatively rare. So, we recommend using sound online techniques.

“What is SEO?”

Search Engine Optimization. SEO is a series of techniques you can use to get search engines like Google and Bing to send you FREE traffic on an on-going basis.

Why SEO?

Getting the search engines to rank your site higher than others is like a popularity contest. As with all popularity contests, the rules change often. BUT, there are certain concepts and proven techniques that never change, and can be used by any business.

Focus on using proper keywords and key phrases on your website. By using the right words and phrases, you will tell search engines what your site is all about — what your niche is. Doing this properly is the first step to getting search engines to like your site so they will send you traffic.


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